Friday, 2 July 2010

Making wine in terracotta jars

Wine made in terracotta? Seems they've been making wine in terracotta vessels successfully in the Caucasus for the past couple of thousand years. The idea was taken up by Josko Gravner, a famous and innovatory wine-maker located in Friuli. He uses huge terracotta giare buried in the ground to ferment his grapes - no additives except a bit of sulphur. Well, I bought a case of his Breg Anfora. As soon as they've had time to "settle down" in my cellar, I'll report back on how the wine tastes.

Josko Gravner, maker of wine in terracotta jars
Josko Gravner, maker of wine in terracotta jars

There's a terracotta-maker in Impruneta who makes terracotta fermentation barriques. If this wine is any good, I might be paying him a visit. The market is currently awash in good wine - everyone is looking for novel wines to produce, including me.

More about Artenova Terracotta and Wine.

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