Thursday, 16 June 2011

Farmstays in Tuscany

I'm quite often asked about farmstays in Tuscany where children will find some animals to play with. The Italian word for a farmstay or accommodation on a working farm is "agriturismo". The situation here in Tuscany is that most "farms" and therefore most farmstays are actually vineyards which grow only grape vines and olive trees but don't keep any livestock. Basically they are producers of wine and olive oil.

Farmstays in Tuscany
Podere Tegline farmstay in Tuscany with Radda in Chianti in the background.
HOWEVER there are a few farmstays where small animals are kept (mostly destined for the pot, I have to say.) and which children can play with. Here are two very nice agriturismi in Chianti which provide exactly the kind of farmstay that families with children who are keen on small animals can stay. The animals are mostly chickens, goats, rabbits, guinea fowl, cats and dogs (the latter two NOT bound for the pot!).

Podere Barberino Farmstay accommodation in Tuscany. Podere Barberino vacation rooms at Chiocchio in Chianti near Florence.

Podere Tegline Tuscany Holiday Home - Farmstays in Tuscany near Radda in Chianti, Tuscany.

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