Sunday, 5 February 2012

Winter weather in Chianti and Tuscany

Well, as you've all experienced or read in the newspapers, the warm weather of Christmas through New Year has changed dramatically and it is now VERY COLD throughout Europe, including here in Chianti, with temperatures as low as -5 C in the middle of the day. In some places, quite a bit of snow has fallen but in essence it's the low temperatures that have caused problems all this week. This winter weather in Chianti and Tuscany looks like continuing for another week.

If you have been planning a stay here and haven't received replies to your emails, please be patient. Telephone lines and hence internet connections have been lost throughout the region.

Note added on 31 December, 2014:

We have had a week of beautiful clear and warm weather. While the sun has been up, I have sat outside in light clothing and at mid-day actually had to move into the shade because the direct sun was so hot. As soon as the sun dropped below the horizon, I went inside in front of the fire. The skies here in Chianti are amazingly clear and brilliant. I can see the Apennines on the other side of the Val d'Arno, crystal clear above a saddle in the Chianti hills.

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Author: Anna Maria Baldini

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