Friday 21 September 2012

Contemporary classical music concerts in Florence

Events taking place in Florence are not limited to exhibitions of Renaissance art and folkloric festivals. During October and November this year (2012), there will be a series of three contemporary classical music concerts in Florence, to accompany the modern art programme Arte Torna Arte. These concerts, under the title Musica Torna Musica, take place 9 pm in the Tribuna del David at the Galleria dell’Accademia, with entrance free of charge while seats last.

These musical performances were conceived and organised by Daniele Lombardi and staged in collaboration with the Fondazione Atopos.

Monday, 1 October, 9 pm
Karlheinz Stockhausen Klavierstücke I – XI
Bernhard Wambach-Havemann, piano

Monday 22 October, 9 pm
John Cage
Cage Age
Daniele Lombardi, piano and toy piano
Ana Spasic, voice
Jonathan Faralli, percussion
Jonas Daverio, toy piano

Monday 5 November, 9 pm
Luciano Berio
Ritratto di Città. Studio per una rappresentazione radiofonica.
Danilo Rossi, viola
Jonathan Faralli, percussion

Contemporary classical music concerts in Florence
Musica Torna Musica contemporary classical music concerts in Florence
The art exhibition Arte Torna Arte ("Art Returns to Art") presents over forty works by thirty two contemporary artists. It takes place in the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence from 8 May to 4 November, 2012.

The on-line catalogue of contemporary classical music published by Atopos, including world premier performances, can be found here.

Arte Torna Arte.

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