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Making wine in terracotta containers - conference in Impruneta November 2014

Leonardo Parigi of Terracotta Artenova located in Impruneta, the terracotta manufacturing centre not far from Florence, is sponsoring what should prove to be a very interesting conference on making wine in terracotta containers. The use of large terracotta jars for wine making has a long history in Georgia and was taken up by Josko Gravner in Friuli many years ago. Terracotta Artenova started producing terracotta jars similar to the huge olive oil orci used in Tuscany, fitted with the appropriate lids to render them suitable for wine production.

Making wine in terracotta containers
The mark of Terracotta Artenova terracotta wine jars.
A number of wine-makers have been sufficiently intrigued to take up the challenge and it will be possible to try some of these wines in Impruneta on 22 and 23 November 2014. The name of the conference is:

Terracotta and Wine - experiences of wine-making from around the world

A meeting taking place at the historical terracotta works, Fornace Agresti, in Impruneta on 22 and 23 November 2014.

The programme begins on Satuday, 22 Nov. at 10 am and the talks from 11 am to 1 pm are as follows:

Prof. C. Caillaud (Vienne): The use of terracotta for the transport and processing of wine: from Roman amphorae to the tinajas of Spain.

Prof. G. Barisashvili (Tbilisi): The culture of kvevri (Georgian terracotta amphorae), past and present.

Prof. L. Armanino: Preliminary investigation on the evolution of Barbera d'Asti terracotta.

Prof. A. Tirelli (Milan): Characterization of "Cerasuolo di Vittoria" in terracotta.

The from 3 pm to 5 pm there will be a guided wine tasting, "Biodynamic wine and terracotta", conducted by Adriano Zago.

Next day, Sunday 23 Nov., the programme opens again at 10 am.

At 11 am there will be another guided wine tasting, "Wine and terracotta in Italy and around the world", conducted by Francesco Bartoletti.

At 4.30 pm there will be a musical event featuring the soprano Sofia Folli and the tenor Tiziano Barbafiera with the choir Coro Polifonico del Chianti Fiorentino e Senese.

Wine producers from Italy, France, The USA, Australia, New Zealand, Georgia, Armenia and Montenegro will be participating.

Wine production using terracotta containers (giare)

For more information, contact Terracotta Artenova at:

More about Artenova Terracotta and Wine.

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