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Wedding photographer in Tuscany

Tuscany is rightfully extremely popular as a wedding venue and, indeed, I attended a fabulous wedding here in Tuscany last June, the marriage of my best friend. In the meantime, the photographs have arrived and I realised that finding a great wedding photographer in Tuscany for your super-special occasion is incredibly important. The photographer at this Tuscan wedding was Sandro Fabbrini and I can strongly recommend him.

wedding photographer in Tuscany
Sandro Fabbrini - a great wedding photographer in Tuscany
Sandro not only took unique and beautiful photos of everything we requested, but he also suggested many shots that we didn't think of - we're so happy that he did, now that we see the wedding album! The wedding was particularly beautiful and it would have been a shame if our photographer hadn't been up to scratch. In fact, I heard very recently about a wedding held in Castellina where exactly that was the case. The wedding photos were so bad that the wedding party refused to pay. They were very upset. So to record your most important day, be sure to obtain reliable references for your wedding photographer before engaging him.

portrait photography
Portrait photograph by Sandro Fabbrini
Sandro also does studio portraits, fashion shots and event photography in addition to wedding photography. The photos on display in his photogalleries (link below) say everything about the high quality of his work.

More about Sandro Fabbrini plus photo galleries showing Sandro's work.

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