Friday 30 September 2011

Chianti Classico vendemmia 2011 :: Chianti Classico grape harvest 2011

The Chianti Classico vendemmia 2011 - Chianti Classico grape harvest 2011 is in full swing. The whole of the grape-growing period of 2011 has been at good temperatures and with very little rain. However, there was a very hot period during the last week of August (in the 30's) which scorched some of the grapes, making them shrivel. This will mean selection of grapes will be important and production will be a bit less than expected. Otherwise the crop is excellent and we can expect an outstanding 2011 Chianti Classico vintage.

Imported varieties such as Merlot and Cabernet suffered more from the heat than Sangiovese clones which, being indigenous Chianti and Tuscany wine grape varieties, are well-adapted to the heat. This is good news since Sangiovese grapes contribute 90% of the composition of Chianti Classico wine.

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Sunday 18 September 2011

Weather in Tuscany

Visitors to Tuscany often ask about the weather in Tuscany before they plan their trip. Well, it rained today, lightly, for the first time in months. The weather pattern used to be very stable here in Chianti but it has slowly changed. There's noticeably less persistent snow in February, for example. Nevertheless, a rule of thumb is that the rainy months in Chianti and Tuscany generally are April and October. August is traditionally hot but this year, for example, it was quite mild with cool evenings while we had a boiling week in June and another at the end of August. Don't be put off visiting Tuscany in August just because you've heard it's hot but do note that Florence, in its valley, can boil while life is pleasant in the hill towns of Chianti.

The days become noticeably short by mid-October and it is cold but clear during much of November and December. In the hills it can snow in January and February, usually more often in February, but a fall rarely remains on the ground longer than four days. If you are thinking of renting an agriturismo in Chianti - a farm house vacation rental - don't completely dismiss the idea of coming here in winter. Sightseeing is definitely possible and the museums are much less crowded. In addition, there's a lot to be said for sitting in front of a fire in your cosy farmhouse looking out over the cypress trees and olive groves.

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