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Volpaia - a place to stay in Volpaia, Tuscany

Volpaia is a village of great charm and well worth a visit if you are anywhere in the Chianti region of Tuscany, especially around Lamole, Gaiole and Radda. It is the home of the Compagnia di Volpaia wine company which owns a significant proportion of the village. Nevertheless, there are many private homes and businesses, as well as three excellent restaurants in Volpaia. The village also has much to recommend it as a base for a vacation in this part of Tuscany.

Volpaia in Chianti, Tuscany
A view of Volapia in Chianti, Tuscany
Volpaia is a fortified village, known in Tuscany as a "castello", located on the frontier separating the territories of Florence and Sienna. In its present form, the "castello" of Volpaia dates largely from the 11C. Only part of the original protective walls and two of the original six towers are still standing, but the mediaeval layout and buildings within the village remain largely as they were 900 years ago.

A place to stay in Volpaia, Tuscany
"Il Cassero", a great place to stay in Volpaia, Tuscany

A great place to stay in Volpaia is "Il Cassero" vacation apartment. The Italian word cassero can mean quarterdeck, in nautical terms, but, in relation to architecture, it means a raised structure forming part of a castle - in our case, a watch tower. "Il Cassero" vacation apartment is built inside one of the main watchtowers of Volpaia. The holiday apartment is furnished and decorated in Tuscan country style and sleeps up to 6 persons. Unusually for a Tuscan vacation rental, the minimum stay is only two days.

More about "Il Cassero" vacation apartment in Volpaia, Tuscany.

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