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Annual Events and Festivals in Tuscany

Italy is famous for the variety and high quality of the annual events and festivals in Tuscany and other regions. These feste fall into two broad, sometimes overlapping, categories: festivals of Christian (and sometimes pagan) origin and seasonal and/or food- and wine-based sagre (fairs). These annual festivals are characterised by a high level of local participation (often cited as contributing to the generally low youth crime rate in Italy outside of the big cities), high quality of costumes, floats and spectacles, and the great atmosphere and food. It is definitely worthwhile to make a note of any festivals taking place in your vicinity when you're visiting Italy - they form an important part of the "Italian experience".

Tuscan events and festivals
Flag throwers at a festival in Tuscany

The festas and festivals of Tuscany website lists and describes the most important and popular events taking place in Tuscany during the course of the year.

Some important festivals of Umbria are listed on the city of Orvieto web site.

And there is a comprehensive list of major and minor annual events in Tuscany with dates but no descriptions on the Tuscany, Italy web site.

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Public Toilets in Florence

A great many tourists visiting Tuscany sooner or later have to ask about public toilets in Florence. In fact, there are many of them and they are on the whole perfectly useable and in some cases remarkably clean and practical. There is a link to a map of public WCs in Florence on the Tuscany Italy website as well as a description of the locations of true public restrooms and the protocol when using the toilets of bars and restaurants where you are not a customer.

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Market Days in Tuscany

market days in tuscany
Tuscan fruit and vegetable market

When spending your vacation in the Region of Tuscany, Italy, it's always a good idea to know the dates and locales for your local market days in Tuscany. These are usually weekly markets dominated by fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, cheese and cooked meat (whole roast chickens, roast pork - porchetta) and shoes, clothing, household items and hardware. These Tuscan local markets are normally held in the largest (or only) piazza in the town or village and can be for half a day only. Prices are generally very good especially for items such as household linen, table cloths and shoes. This is where you can come to stock up on provisions if you're renting a self-catering vacation rental in Tuscany. Linen makes good presents for the folks back home and is light and easy to transport without risk of damage.

Tuscany Toscana
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