Monday 31 October 2011

Market Days in Tuscany

market days in tuscany
Tuscan fruit and vegetable market

When spending your vacation in the Region of Tuscany, Italy, it's always a good idea to know the dates and locales for your local market days in Tuscany. These are usually weekly markets dominated by fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, cheese and cooked meat (whole roast chickens, roast pork - porchetta) and shoes, clothing, household items and hardware. These Tuscan local markets are normally held in the largest (or only) piazza in the town or village and can be for half a day only. Prices are generally very good especially for items such as household linen, table cloths and shoes. This is where you can come to stock up on provisions if you're renting a self-catering vacation rental in Tuscany. Linen makes good presents for the folks back home and is light and easy to transport without risk of damage.

Tuscany Toscana
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