Sunday 29 June 2014

June Bugs in Tuscany

June Bugs in Tuscany - well, June is just ending, but the fireflies are still flashing away on warm evenings in Tuscany. Many tourists, worn out by a day of sight-seeing, miss the pleasures of a stroll along a country road during late evening in Tuscany. Fireflies now, and throughout the summer owls, bats and nightingales. The most commonly seen and heard owl is the civetta, Athena noctua, but with a bit of luck you might also see a gufo, Asio otus, the southern eared owl, which is significantly larger and habitually sits on top of telegraph poles. When the grapes are ripening, you can also hear and sometimes see cinghiali, wild boar, munching away on the grapes.

June bugs in Tuscany
June bugs (fire flies) in Tuscany
If it's bugs in Tuscany about which you're seeking information - for example mosquitoes - here's what you want: mosquitoes in Tuscany.

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