Wednesday 23 May 2012

Bed and Breakfast Accommodations in Chianti

bed and breakfast in chianti
Ancora del Chianti Bed and Breakfast in Chianti
Not everyone realises that there is a plentiful supply of excellent Bed and Breakfast Accommodations in Chianti. These B&Bs are usually rooms but can also be small apartments, and they are located in both towns and villages as well as out in the country. B&Bs in town have the convenience that you can usually walk out your front door into the main piazza or be within a few minutes walk of it. In addition, a town location usually means there is a bus stop nearby linking you easily from rural towns to Florence. Bed and Breakfast accommodations in the countryside usually require a car for access but are also much more likely to have a swimming pool. If they are up in the Chianti hills, they will surely be cooler than average in summer, and of course quieter. Competition and the weakening euro mean that B&B prices are highly competitive and will usually give you much better value than a hotel.

An excellent range of B&Bs in Chianti are listed here.

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