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Beaches in Tuscany

Going to the beach in Tuscany is a very different experience from doing the same thing in most other countries. Beaches in Tuscany are very commonly rented out by the municipality in the form of fenced off concessions covered in rows of beach umbrellas and deck chairs (Rimini in Emilia-Romagna and Forte dei Marmi in Tuscany are classic examples). That's what Italians like when they go to the beach, and they go in droves for the whole of August. Seaside hotels often have a private beach, sometimes across a road from the hotel, but check on whether you have to pay extra to use the hotel's concession. In principle, you should be able to walk along the beach within a 10m strip from the water's edge, and to pass through private establishments to get to the sea, but this is not always practical.

tuscan beaches
A Tuscan beach on the Argentario Cape of Tuscany

 There are free beaches (una spiaggia libera) where you and your children can run around doing whatever you want without having to pay, and they often have showers and toilet facilities, and sometimes are bar or cold drinks vendor. However, these free beaches, especially near cities (such as Ostia Lido near Rome) can be dirty, extremely crowded and not particularly pleasant. Take care of your possessions and beware of illegal pedlars.

Beaches in Tuscany

In parts of Tuscany there are remote and pristine sand beaches but, of course, they lack lifeguards. Some of the best beaches in Tuscany are on the coast of the Maremma in SW Tuscany, and at Castiglione della Pescaia on the Maremma coast there are facilities and life guards. Rather rocky access to the crystal sea in pleasant conditions can be found around the Monte Argentario promontory in the extreme SW of Tuscany.

A free-access beach in Tuscany

  If you are continuing your trip by going south to Rome and Naples, there are some beautiful beaches in and near Gaeta which is located on the coast about halfway between Rome and Naples. The town itself is interesting and makes a good base from which to explore Lazio and the Campania.

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