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How to get to Fiesole from Florence

Fiesole is a charming little town located high in the hills above Florence. Fiesole was in fact founded by the Etruscans long before Florence made its appearance, and it is still the seat of the Diocese covering Florence and this part of Tuscany. There are a number of interesting sights in Fiesole itself including a Roman theatre with a small museum attached plus the remains of some Roman baths. The Cathedral of Fiesole, dating from 1028, is worth a visit. The little Church of the Primerana in the cathedral square was built in 996 and further expanded in mediaeval times. Its Gothic presbytery is one of the few gothic structures in and near Florence.

However, Fiesole is best know for its spectacular views out over Florence and its cool summer air. The nearby hills are dotted with aristocratic villas built to take advantage of both the views and the summer breezes.
How to get to Fiesole
View of Fiesole from on of its steep lanes
How to get to Fiesole from Florence? It's better to take a bus than to drive your own car due mostly to the very narrow, walled roads leading up to Fiesole. The ATAF Florence city bus to Fiesole is Number 7 which runs about every half an hour until almost midnight so that it is possible to remain in Fiesole for dinner. The bus line starts at Via La Pira (on the side very close to Piazza San Marco) in Florence and the trip takes 20 to 30 minutes, depending on traffic. The stops before Fiesole main piazza, the last stop on this route, are Regresso and F.G. Angelico 03. Be sure to validate (stamp, frank) your ticket as soon as you board the bus.

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