Thursday 18 December 2014

Where to go in Chianti, Italy

Many tourists planning their trip to Tuscany have heard of the Chianti area but don't know where to go in Chianti, Italy. Here I hope to provide a bit of guidance for visitors to the Chianti Classico wine zone in Italy. First a definition: the region of Chianti wines in the broadest sense covers quite a large amount of northern Tuscany (map of Chianti wine zones) but "Chianti" as an area usually refers to the Chianti Classico wine zone, a picturesque, oval-shaped territory situated between Florence and Sienna. Because of its position, Chianti is easily accessible by car and bus from Florence and Sienna, and vice versa - in fact, many tourists choose to base themselves at rural accommodations within Chianti and visit the art cities on day excursions. Here are some tips on where to go.

Where to go in Chianti, Italy
Where to go in Chianti? This looks like a good place!

Towns of interest in Chianti - these are also "municipalities" (comuni) with lots of things to see outside the main town:

Greve in Chianti
Greve in Chianti - the town and surrounding hills are rightly very popular
as a base for a stay in Chianti

Things to see and do in Chianti - here are some useful websites:

 Map of Chianti and nearby areas with links to specific websites.

Greve in Chianti website - packed with information on where to stay and what to do in Chianti.

Chianti Info website - information of a large range of topics useful for visitors to Chianti.

Bella Toscana tourist guide to the whole of Tuscany.

Chianti Travel Guide.

My Tuscany Travel Blog.

Last but not least, a good selection of owner-direct, self-catering vacation accommodations in Chianti.

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