Thursday 12 July 2012

What to do in Chianti, Italy

I have added an introductory travel guide page on "What to do in Chianti, Italy" to the Greve in Chianti "Tuscany Blog". The aim is to provide visitors to Chianti with concise and up-to-date information on things to see and do in Chianti preferably before you leave home so that you can more efficiently plan your time. Your trip to Italy might be the one big trip of a lifetime and will for sure cost money. It's therefore important to plan well before you leave - even a day-by-day itinerary - and to crystalise your interests. I know that many people emphasize spontaneity, which is good, but taken too far "spontaneity" becomes wandering aimlessly around in the wrong place and that can consume a lot of your valuable time. I also recommend basing yourself in one place for several days so as to not lose time finding your accommodation, checking in, unpacking etc. Chianti and, indeed, Tuscany, are not huge areas and one or two bases will allow you easy access to the entire region.

What to do in Chianti, so far, is divided into the sections below and I'll be adding to that list of topics as well as providing more detail and individual pages.
  • Chianti vineyards and wine.
  • The Chianti countryside and the villages of Chianti.
  • Art, architecture and formal gardens in Chianti.
  • Music in Chianti, especially summer music festivals.
  • Folkloric festivals, culinary festivals and other similar annual events.
  • Food-related festivals in Tuscany.
  • Chianti culinary specialities.
  • Shopping in Chianti.
  • For things to take home - emphasis on ceramics.
  • Leatherwear.
  • “Outlets” selling high fashion items.

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