Saturday 7 July 2012

Monteriggioni Mediaeval Festival (Festa Medievale)

Monteriggioni is a Tuscan village surrounded by one of the most intact curtain walls in Italy. The town is absolutely worth a visit and there is no better time to do so than during the Monteriggioni Mediaeval Festival (Festa Medievale) which takes place this year on 6-8 July and 13-15 July 2012. Tuscany is famous for its mediaeval festivals and the one taking place at Monteriggioni ranks among the best - as good or better than the Volterra festival.

Monteriggioni Mediaeval Festival

Most of the inhabitants dress in mediaeval costume and man the stalls selling antique-style handicrafts, herbs and mediaeval food. There are excellent parades with jugglers, acrobats, stiltsmen and so on, plenty of early music and often a fabulous re-enactment of a mediaeval battle. The tamed birds of prey are especially interesting - not only hawks, but also owls and other birds. For children there are puppet shows and and a skilled illusionist, and for adults much street theatre.

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