Saturday 8 December 2012

Palazzo Davanzati cocktail evenings 2013

The opportunity afforded by the Bargello Museum to admire the works of art there after hours while sipping a glass of wine has now moved to the wonderful Palazzo Davanzati, one of the great under-estimated sights of Florence. Palazzo Davanzati cocktail evenings 2013 actually begin now and continue every Friday evening until 1 February 2013, with the exception of 28 December 2012 and 4 January 2013. The aperitif evening at the Davanzati Palace takes place from 7 pm to 10.30 pm and costs €15 per person. A reservation is recommended (Tel. 055 294883).

Palazzo Davanzati cocktail evenings
One of the spectacular rooms of the Palazzo Davazati.
For me, the Palazzo Davanzati is one of the most enjoyable and educational museums in Florence and I strongly recommend that you seize any opportunity to spend some time there.

The Palazzo Davanzati was built during the second half of the 14 C by the Davizzi, a family of very rich wool merchants. In 1516, it was sold to the Bartolini family and, later in the same century, to the Davanzati family, also rich merchants, in whose hands it remained until 1838. The palazzo was then divided into flats and suffered severe structural damage. However, in 1904 it was restored by the antique furniture dealer Elia Volpi, who opened it to the public in 1910 as the Museo Privato della Casa Fiorentina Antica. He used it to display his stock of antique furniture. After passing through other hands, the palazzo was purchased in 1951 by the Italian government and opened once more to the public in 1956. A major restoration became necessary in 1995 and this work continued more or less until 2012 when all floors were finally re-opened to the public. The Palazzo Davanzati is now restored as closely as possible to its original 14 C appearance with the corresponding furnishings and decorations, some from that period and some later. The effect is dramatic. It really is as if we have returned to the 14 C and gained entry into the private domain of one of the incredibly wealthy Florentine families of that period. Don't miss it!

Opening hours:

Every day of the week from 8.15 am to 1.50 pm.
Closed on the second and fourth Sundays of the month and the first, third and fifth Mondays of the month, New Year’s Day, 1 May and Christmas Day.

The areas that can be visited are the ground-floor loggia and the first floor (Salone Madornale, Sala dei Pappagalli, Studiolo, Camera dei Pavoni and the two rooms displaying lace).

Access to the second floor (Salone Madornale, Camera da letto della Castellana di Vergy, Studiolo, Sala da Pranzo) and the third floor (Kitchen and Camera delle impannate) is organised for accompanied group visits, on request and by appointment, at 10.00, 11.00 and 12.00 on the normal opening days.

Tel: 0039 055 2388610
Fax: 0039 055 289805

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